The water enters the meter from the inlet of the meter body and impacts the vane wheel at the tip of the vane blades to make it rotate. The water flows out from the outlet of the body. The rotation of the vane wheel (proportional to the velocity of water flow) is transmitted directly to the central gear in the vacuum-sealed register by the magnetic coupling. The sealed register totalizes and indicates the water volume passing through the meter.

1. Wet, dry, liquid sealed
2. For hot or cold water 
3. Small, light 
4. Brass body or plastic body, optional 
5. Brass body can be painted or nickel coated 
6. High accuracy
7. The meters conform to ISO4064 Standard Class B or Class C. 

Working condition: 
●Water temperature≤50℃ (Hot water meter≤90℃)
●Water pressure≤1MPa (PN: 1.6MPa/16bar)


●From minimum flow-rate (qmin) inclusive, to transitional flow-rate (qt), exclusive:±5%
●From transitional flow-rate (qt) inclusive, to overload flow-rate (qs), exclusive:±2% (Hot water meter:±3%)