A volumetric meter is the device fitted into a closed conduit, which consists of chambers of known volume and a mechanism driven by the flow, whereby these chambers are successively fitted with water and then empited. The water to be measured enters the inlet of the body and its pressure sets the piston into rotation. Every rotational cycle of the piston discharge a fixed volume of water to the meter of body. The number of rotation of the piston is totalized through a reduction gear, to totalize in the register, when the total volume of water is registered.


Small light

Available for cold water 0~30℃ 

High accuracy, the meters conform to ISO4064 Standard Class C or R160 or R315

Brass body can be painted or nickel coated

Plastic body is optional;

Related Communication Networks
Pulse Output wired
M-bus wired
LORA wireless

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Billing and Utility

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